Lifetime – Turnpike Gates tab

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Artist: Lifetime

tabbed by Joe FATS (


    A    F#   G#   D   Eii   E     C#

Intro: F#, D, A (x2) CHORUS: A G# Eii we would drag ourselves to bed F# E D and sleep took everything i had i kept it up till he would call A G# Eii you made me feel like a criminal F# E D then there's you you kept a smile though i would always walk the wire Verse: A you gave it all i gave you reason to have F# Eii doubt i had to get out of there i took the stairs and A C# D i dont want to fight with you if i cant be the one to have you F# Eii you sat that chair like a queen in the kitchen A C# D i memorized lines your eyes made with every squint you shot my way D (let ring) repeat CHORUS A (let ring) but you're miserable and i'm useless always making up excuses i made you cry too many times so i'm hangin up that line A E D i'm throwing rocks at your floor i'm knockin down your front door A E i'm desperate tonight and i just want to fight D its my confusion that lets me act so A E D A cold so now i'll go go go and you want to be just left alone E D A put down that phone but if you want me just call out hey boy =============================================================================
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