Ligabue Luciano – Libera Nos A Malo tab


Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 20:51:27 +0100
From: "Ist. Magistrale \"C. De Titta\"" 
Subject: TAB: "Libera nos a malo" by Ligabue

Song name: "Libera nos a malo"
Artist: Luciano Ligabue
Original album name: "Lambrusco, coltelli, rose e popcorn" (Italy, 1992)
Author (words and music): Luciano Ligabue

Guitar effects used: nothing special, only a serious distorsion and
quite a lot reverb
Song speed: about 145 bpm
Notes on the song: I transcribed the arrangement of the studio version;
it can sound different from the more recent live version (from the album
"Su e gi? da un palco" - 1997).

I know that there is already a version of this song, but I think that my
transcription could be added to that one because:
- I added significant corrections to the lead guitar parts (solo and
- I rewrote (I think more exactly) the chords succession
- I transcribed in full the lyrics, which aren't present in Enrico
Ruggeri's version
- I admit that I took several things from Enrico Ruggeri's version and
I'm ready to acknowledge the fact.

Happy new year!

                                Marco Buccione


Riff:E------------8-|-8--7---------7----|-----------8-|-8*--7---------7-12-|B--10-10-------|------10-8-10---10-|-10-10-------|-------10-8-10------|G--------7-7---|-------------------|-------7-7---|--------------------|D--------------|-------------------|-------------|--------------------| D Am G C(Repeat this 7x, 7th time bend down the * note by trem bar and don't play the remaining stuff)
1st verse: Oh, mama, mama, che cosa ho fatto? D Am Son scivolato ancora dentro un letto G C F C Ma, mama, mama, che devo dire? D Am O era amore o somigliava bene G C F C Oh, mama, D Am m'hanno creato tutto sbagliato G C Oh, mama, D Am per? non riesco a capire il mio peccato G A (w/fig.1) Libera nos a malo D Am Per? il mio male qual ?? G C Libera piano piano: D Am forse scordiamo com'? G F Libera nos a malo D Am toglici pure il perch? G C (w\end fig.1) Libera libera libe, libera libera libera, libera D Am G F
Fig. 1:E-----------|--------|--------|-------------|B-----------|--------|--------|----6/5--6/5-|G--7--7-6---|--------|--------|-5-----------|D--7------7-|-7------|-5------|-5-----------|A--5--------|-7--3-5-|-5------|-3-----------|E-----------|-5------|-3--1-3-|-------------| D Am G C
E-----------|--------|--------|------------------|B-----------|--------|--------|------------------|G--7--7-6---|--------|--------|------------------|D--7------7-|-7------|-5------|-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3--|A--5--------|-7--3-5-|-5------|-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3--|E-----------|-5------|-3--1-3-|-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1--| D Am G F
Play 2 times the riff, then... ...2nd verse (the same chords as before): Oh, mama, mama, sar? cattivo, ma sono carne e sangue, insomma vivo Eccomi, mama, col capo chino, com'? il castigo? Perch? il castigo? Oh, mama, lei stava bene, io stavo bene Oh, mama, o ? proprio questo che non si pu? dire? Libera nos a malo, per? il mio male qual ?? Libera piano piano che ci scordiamo com'? Libera nos a malo, toglici pure il perch? Libera libera libe, libera libera libera, libera
Then there's the solo:E---------|-----------------|-------------------|-----------------|B-12b(15)-|-----------------|-------------------|-----------------|G---------|-----------10----|----------10-10-12-|-----------10----|D---------|-----10-12----12-|----10-12----10-12-|-----10-12----12-|A---------|-/12-------------|-12----------------|-/12-------------|E---------|-----------------|-------------------|-----------------| D Am G
E--------------------|-13---------------------------------------------|B--------------------|----15-13-15-13----15-13----13------------------|G-----------10-12-10\|----------------14-------14----12-14-12---12----|D----10-12--10-12-10\|----------------------------------------15--12\-|A-12-----------------|------------------------------------------------|E--------------------|------------------------------------------------| C D Am
+ + + + + + + + (+ = tapping)E---------------------------------------------|------|B-13-8-12-8-----------------------------------|-<7>*-|A-----------14-10-12-10-----------------------|-<7>*-|G-----------------------15-10-14-10-----------|-<7>*-|D-----------------------------------14-8-10-8-|-<7>*-|E---------------------------------------------|------| G C* = apply tremolo by bar
(guitar stops; only bass and keyboards) Perdo il numero di casa D F andando dietro me C Am e, al ritorno, chiedo scusa D F e non so perch? C A A (guitar plays stopped chords) Gi? le mani, gi? i pensieri, D Am gi? tutto il corpo, gi? tutto te. G C Gi? le mani, gi? i pensieri, D Am gi? tutto il corpo, gi? tutto te. G C (guitar plays normal 8-beat) Gi? le mani, gi? i pensieri, D Am gi? tutto il corpo, gi? tutto te, all'inferno! G C Gi? le mani, gi? i pensieri, D Am gi? tutto il corpo, gi? tutto te. G C (w/fig.1) Libera nos a malo D Am G C Libera piano piano D Am G F Libera nos a malo D Am G C Libera piano piano D Am G F
Ending:E----------------|-----------|-----|B----------------|-----------|--3--|G--7-7--7-7------|-----------|--2--|D--7-7--7-7--7-5-|-----------|--0--|A--5-5--5-5--7-7-|----3---3--|-----|E------------5-5-|--3---3----|-----| D Am C D
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