Your Loves Return tab with lyrics by Lightfoot Gordon - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Lightfoot Gordon – Your Loves Return tab

I've seen a few tabs for this song but here is how I've learned it. Have fun, it a great song.

You may capo anywhere to adjust for your vocal range.

Chords (order of appearance)
D    - xx0232
E/D  - xx0454
Gm/D - xx0333
Em   - 022000
E7   - 020100
A    - x03330
D/C  - x3x23x
G/B  - x2003x
G    - 320003
Gm/Bb- x1003x
E/A  - x02100
E    - 022100
A9   - x02000
F/A  - x03211
A7   - x02020

3/4 time, Moderately played.

D                          E/D
. . Come to the door_   my pret-ty one_ . . .
Gm/D                       D
. . Put on your rings_ and pre-cious things_ . . . 
D                          Em
. . Hide all you tears_ as best you can_ . . .
              E7         A
. . Try to re-call_ what used to be_ . . .

D            D/C         G/B          G
. Ro-ses are waiting for dew-drops to fall_
D                 D/C          G/B
. . Climbing your win-dows and walls_ . . .
Gm/Bb                        D
. Bells_ in the stee-ple are ring-ing____ .
E/A        E
sing-ing____ . . 
A9              F/A              A7
Lis-ten to them talk a-bout Your Love's Re-turn . . .

Let me come in my pretty one,
And try to undo what I have done.
For I must be forgiven now.
I will not lose what I have won.


Open the door my pretty one.
Wake from your sleep and take me home.
Open your eyes and look my way.
I cannot leave your love alone.

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