Lights - Drive My Soul tab

I've gotten lots of requests to tab out my version that can be seen at
A Direct link for the video is:

***WARNING***: the chords listed are with respect to an alternate tuning! (DAEAEE). 
The chord names provided are just the base notes of the chords I use and made up with this tuning.

If you try this in standard it probably wont sound good.

Chords Used:

F#m D A G#m EE|---0---0---0---0---0---|E|---0---0---0---0---0---|A|---0---0---2---0---0---|E|---5---2---0---7---4---|A|---4---0---0---7---2---|D|---4---0---X---6---2---|
F#m D A G#mE|---0---------------------------------------------------------0-0-0-0---|E|---0---------------------------------------------------------0-0-0-0---|A|---0---0---0---0---------------------------2s4---4h5-5-5-4---0-0-0-0---|E|---5---5---5---5-------2----4---4h5-5----0-0---0-0---0-0-0---7-7-7-7---|A|---4-----------------0-0----0---0------0---------------------7-7-7-7---|D|---4-4---4---4---4-0------0---0------------------------------6-6-6-6---|
VERSE F#m D A Seems somebody put out the moon G#m F#m Now the road is a minefield D A I canít follow the way she moves G#m I canít see past the shadows D A You make the darkness disappear G#m F#m E I feel found when you stay near D A I know where I am when you are here G#m My way becomes so clear CHORUS F#m When you're gone D A Will I lose control? G#m F#m You're the only road I know D A You show me where to go G#m F#m Who will drive my soul? Repeat intro riff (slight variation but u can just see it form the video) Seems somebody burned out the signs I canít expect the hard curves There's no borders There are no lines How can I know where to turn? You make the street lights reappear I feel bright when you stand near I know what I am when you are here My place becomes so clear Chorus x2 BRIDGE (strum each chord and let ring) F#m When you're gone, D A when you're gone, G#m F#m D A G#m who will drive my soul? F#m D A G#m Drive my soul Chorus again (same chords I just pick the strings) THE END! Ta DA!
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