Lights - Romance Is chords version 1

This is the way lights played it in her video chat.

Capo 4

     [EADGBe]               [EADGBe]
Em*  [0220xx]          Em`  [02200x]             
C*   [3300xx]          C`   [33000x]             
G*   [3200xx]          G`   [32000x]             
D/F* [200xxx]          D/F` [2000xx]             

- = continue strumming
/ = slide up
\ = slide down


Em* C* G* D/F*
e|---x------x------x------x x x x |B|---x------x------x------x x x x | G|---0------0------0------x x x x |D|---2------0------0------0 0 0 0 |A|---2------3------2------0 0 0 0 |E|---0------3------3------2 3 /5 \3 |
Em* C* G* D/F*
Em* C*Your three sides of my excited
G* D/F*Circle two lovers juxtaposed with doorways
Em* C*Broken window frames color
G* D/F*Her eyes in with black lines
C* D/F*Let it all run down
C* D/F*Let it all run down
Em* C* G*There's no explanation or forewarning
D/F* Underneath all the silver linings
Em* C*We approach the streets with
G* D/F*A clear conscience we'll survive
C* D/F*Let it all run down
C* D/F*Let it all run down
Em` C` G` It's one way to up for a horizon
D/F`And not to mention it
Em` C` G`It's one way to say we're abandoned
D/F` C` D/F`And we don't belong here at all
C` D/F`And romance just is
Am G D Em **Exclude e string (1st string) when strumming chords**
Am G D Em Slow it all down, the damage is done
Am G D Em Play the music loud, don't make a sound
Am G D Em Let's raise a toast to a sad story
Am G In a dirty cup
D Em In a dirty cup. You made it,
Am G D Em You made it hurt so bad
Am G D Em You made it hurt so bad
Em* C*With a little poison
G* D/F*We can burn this whole place down
To the ground again
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