Lights – Quiet chords ver. 6

  			Quiet (acoustic) by Lights
The chords are based on this video

She starts the chorus with Fmaj7 here. In other videos she starts the chorus with Dm

Capo 4

Fmaj7I'm not yours, and you're not mine But we can sit and pass the time
C/GNo fighting wars, no ringing chimes
Gsus4 GWe're just feeling fine
Fmaj7This is where we're supposed to be. Sitting by a broken tree
C/GNo tragedy, no poetry
Gsus4 GJust staring at the sky
Fmaj7I could wait a thousand hours
C/GStay the same in sun and showers
GPick apart a hundred flowers
Am C/GJust to be quiet
Fmaj7Tell me when you feel ready
C/GI'm the one, there's not too many
GHold my hand to keep me steady
Am C/GJust to be quiet
Fmaj& C/G With you
Am GWith you
Fmaj7I like it here beside you dear. You're even more than you appear
C/GAnd in the clouds my head is clear
Gsus4 GEvery time you say hello
Fmaj7So here's my heart, and here's my mouth and I can't help if things come out
C/G'Cause there are words I want to shout
Gsus4 GBut maybe I'll stay low
[Chorus x2]
Fmaj7 C/G With you
G Am C/GWith you
Fmaj7 C/G With you
G Am C/GWith you
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