Lights – February Air chords ver. 4

The U-Stream Version is really nice, if you want to play along, its Capo on 4 (Standard 
tuning) and the chords below :)

G D EmIf you don't believe me,
CIf you don't like my plans,
G DYou musn't tell me,
Em C GHow I know your face like the back of my hands.
D EmWe walk the city,
CI talk to you, understand
G D EmSo won't you tell me.
CHow I know this place like the back of my hands.
- Em - D - G - Em - C ----- Cadd9
G D EmMy arms get cold,
CIn February air.
G D Em C CPlease don't lose hold of me, out there.
G - D Repeat
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