Lights – River chords ver. 2

Left handed
Hi everyone!
So this is my first time doing this so,don't judge me.:)I did this by ear.
I really love this song,so I decided to crack out the old guitar and play River by 
LIGHTS for you all. 

Capo on 4

GOut across cities I see buldings turn into piles
CAnd watch the world in wonder as mountains turn into tiles
GAnd trees losing their leaves and our faces becoming tired
CI wish I could discover something that doesn't expire
GCome and stumble me
GTake me river,carry me far
CLead me river,like a mother
GTake me over,to some other
CUnknown,put me in the undertow
GSuch are the things that make a kingdom rumble and shatter
CThe same dynamic that another day would never matter
GIt really just depends on who's giving and who's recieving
CAnd things that don't make sense are always a little decieving
GCome and humble me
GI wanna know where you're going
DA follower following
GChanging but never changed
DClaiming but never claimed
Chorus... This concludes my first tab! Hope you enjoyed it! ~Hey__ItsChelsea
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