Lightspeed Champion – Midnight Surprise tab ver. 2

Hey, someone requested that I tab this up after I mentioned it whilst commenting on a 
for the main part of the song, so here it is!
 To tell the truth, I didn’t work this out myself, my guitar teacher helped me with it, 
my ears are rubbish, I cant work stuffs out!
 Anyway, here it is, it sounds pretty good to me, but this is my first tab, so go easy 

Standard tuning: EADGBe

(key of E major for anyone who wants to improvise extra bits)

1st guitar

On that bit with the bend on the 12th fret, bend the note, and let it hold while you the 12 on the e string, before returning the bend. If you listen to the recording you should get what I mean. And that’s it! Then id has a sort of slow down before the acoustic outro. There is also a second guitar in the background which plays during some of the breaks the solo. Listen to the recording to get the right places.
2nd Guitar|--------------------------||--------------------------||--------------------------||-------------6t7----------||----7---9---------7-------||--------------------------|
Tab legend: t - trill (like rapid hammer-on/pull-offs) b- bend r- bend return h- hammer-on p- pull-off
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