Lightspeed Champion - Smooth Day At The Library tab

you know, that song with the awesome solo.

D A D A D A D Ae|--2--2-----2-2---------------------2-2-----2-2-------------------|B|--3--3-2-2-3-3------------------2--3-3-2-2-3-3-----------------2-|G|-------2-2-----------2-2h4-2-2h4-------2-2----------2-2h4-2-2h4--|D|-0--0-----0-0---2-2h4-------------0-0-----0-0--2-2h4-------------|A|------0-0-----0-----------------------0-0-----0------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
D A D A Two weeks longer, We're growing older, likeness meets sometimes. D A D A waiting surely, all night and early, morning light sun shines. F#m C#m D A Please take me home again my lover D A D A Longing always, with my books in place, never stretching time D A D A reading surley, all night and early, morning light sun shines F#m C#m D A Please take me home again my lover solo:
F#m C#m D A F#m c#m D A You said you dont want to leave me, what else can i do F#m C#m D A Bm E you said you dont want to see me, i'll still persue
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