Like Bats – Double Or Nothing chords

Double or Nothing by Like Bats

So this song is pretty simple, I was surprised that someone hasn't already
tabbed it yet. Anyways it's a really catchy song, and I feel it to be a 
pretty accurate tab. Let me know if you have any corrections.

Standard Tuning


e  o  x  x  o  x     2/4  hammer on
B  o  x  x  o  x   
G  1  6  4  2  x 
D  2  6  4  2  4  
A  2  4  2  o  4
E  0  x  x  x  2 

   E  Db B  A  Gb


E  Db  B  A    e 2/4  X 2

Verse 1

E Db B AIt's like a dream, like a nightmare, like a fairy fucking tale.
E Db B AThe way I always try to forget you but I always seem to fail.
E Db B ADon't give up. Don't give in. Don't let her take control of you.
E Db B ABut I never listen to myself.
Gb A E B Double or nothing, I swear that I'll be different this time.
Gb A EI swear on my mother's eyes.
Gb A E B I'll leave my baggage at the door except the bags under my
Gb A Eeyes, those stay with me.
Db B A *tap tap* X 4 Verse 2
E Db B AI'd kill to remember just so I could learn from my mistakes.
E Db B ABut it's all a blur now, so I guess that I'll be fucking up for good now.
E Db B AI don't know why I even try anymore.
E Db B AMust be my obsession with making myself so miserable.
Chrous A Gb A Gb (This part you'll strum it faster and kind of muted too.)
A Gb A GbI wonder if you ever wonder what I'm doing. I wonder if you care.
A Gb A GbI wonder if you ever wonder how I'm feeling. I wonder if you'll ever love me again.
E A Gb A X 2
E A Gb AProbably not probably not
E A Gb AProbably not probably not
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