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Lil B – California Boy chords

Lil B - California Boy
Lyrics might be a little off.


Intro x2 Verse 1:
F# B D#m E I g-g got-got-got to know a girl.
F# B D#m E I l-l-love you, yes I do.
F# B D#m E Every time I see, those, light blue eyes
F# B D#m E I start to think about, you and I, you and I.......
B C# D#m E I'm just a California Boy, I'm just a California boy.
Repeat x4 Verse 2: (Same strumming pattern) I see you at the beach, why don't you speak to me? Yeah, I look kinda strange but it's okay. If you knew about love then you'd know that it's in your heart And I wanna show you it's okay, it's okay, it's okay-kay-kay Chorus x4 Verse 3: So much love is in the air. Just go take a look outside. Peace is the only thing that we can do. And all we can do is try, do is try, do is tryyyyyyyyyyyyyy... Chorus x4
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