Lil Deuce Deuce - Mine Turtle Feat Tomska tab

MINE TURTLE TABS by LilDeuceDeuce (feat. Tomska)

Lil Deuce Deuce:

E Standard tuning!

So I put the tabs in for parts in the order that they appear, but I didn't tab the whole 
song completely
 played sequentially all the way through, you just have to put the verse, wherever 
there's a verse. Easy
 enough, right? The order they are played in is listed at the bottom of the page.

Intro (strum fast)

e-----------------------------------|B-----------------------------------|G-----------------------------------|D--7------5------7-------5----------|A--7-x4---5-x4---7-x2 ---5-x2-------|E--5------3------5-------3----------|
Chorus (If you're playing distorted, you might as well just make these bar chords, but playing acoustic, it's fun to play the whole chords)
e--5---3---5---7-----------|B--5---3---7---7-----------|G--6---4---7---7-----------|D--7---5---7---9-----------| X2A--7---5---5---9-----------|E--5---3---x---7-----------|
Verse This is the same chords as the chorus but there's an obvious offbeat, and I tend to leave out the low E string in my strum because of the chords' voicings in the song is higher. I'm not even actually 100% sure the guitar is played in the verses, it might be just keyboard, but I like to play guitar so, hey, whatever. Different verse I dunno what to call this part, it's just like a verse.. But different... Hence the name I have given it.. "He stole alien technology, and built a time machine..."
"Went back in time to 100 million B.C."
Or you can play it like this. I started playing it like this, but then I changed to the first tab for this part that I have. But whatever floats your boat man, it's the same thing. "He stole alien technology, and built a time machine..."
"Went back in time to 100 million B.C."
Bridge The beginning of the bridge starts off the same as the intro, but played twice. Then you're faced with a slightly difficult transition, depending on how good you are, to this solo.
* in this little gap in the solo, LDD makes noises with his guitar, little either muted notes too small to hear (I did this by ear), or effects in the song, I fill it in sometimes by mute picking on the 10th fret on the B string (what the next note is) just a few times, then finish off the solo. But you can do that, leave it empty, or just do whatcha like. Like I said, I did this by ear, it might not be 100% perfect but I just spent half an hour replaying that solo trying to make sure I had the right idea. There might be a few notes played during the end of the strumming part of the bridge, but I'm pretty sure that after the chords end, it picks up where I started. So I think I have it as good as you can get, unless maybe playing with two guitars might get you and extra not or two to fit in the beginning of the solo. Alternative verse ending Play the first two chords in the verse, but then stop strumming and mute your strings at the end of this line for just a sec. "The cops tried to stop him, before he could explode" Then when you hear this next line, you play this next tab instead of the regular verse ending chords. "Look out he's got a nose!"
then mute your strings again, wait for "Oh wait, no he doesn't" then go back to the chorus. THE END, and the mine turtle lived happy explosively after. How the song goes: Intro|Chorus|Verse|Chorus|Verse|Different verse|Chorus|Bridge|Verse|Alt. verse ending|Chorus(x2) So I hope this is mighty fine and helpful and stuff like that, I tried not to write too many words, I know reading is painful, but I hated it when I played guitar and didn't know anything, and tabs confused me. So, email me, if you like to email people, or you have no friends, maybe even if you have a suggestion, or comment on my tabs, at You probably won't though, so, my good friend, that I am not aquatinted with, have a splendid day, and rock on. Booyah. -NayNayPo "Hello" *BOOM!*
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