Lil Wayne - Right Above It tab version 2

Artist: Lil Wayne ft. Drake
Song: Right Above It



Chord progression throughout, relative to capo:

|-2-|-0-|-3-|-X-X-||-3-|-2-|-0-|-X-X-||-4-|-2-|-0-|-7-6-||-4-|-2-|-0-|-7-7-||-2-|-0-|-2-|-5-4-||-X-|-X-|-3-|-X-X-| Bm A G D C#/D
For example: Bm Now tell me how you love it A You know you at the top when only heavenís right above it G We on, Itís Young Money, motherfucker D5 C#/D If you ainít runniní wit it, run from it, motherfucker, all right Bm Now somebody show some money in this bitch A G And I got my Bís with me like some honey in this bitch, ya dig? D C#/D I got my gun in my boo purse, And I donít bust back, because I shoot first... And so on. --------------------------------------------------------- Opening horn riff, NOT relative to capo:
|---------------|--------------|--------------|-------------|--------------||------9-11-----|-----9-11-----|-----9-11-----|-----9-11----|------9-9-----||------------11-|-----------11-|-----------11-|----------11-|---11---------||---------------|--------------|--------------|-------------|--------------||---------------|--------------|--------------|-------------|--------------||---------------|--------------|--------------|-------------|--------------| x2
--------------------------------------------------------- Basic main riff, relative to capo:
Or, to add a harmony, you can play it like this:
--------------------------------------------------------- That's really all there is to it.
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