Lil Wayne – Im Single tab ver. 2

     Just a neat little cover I threw together. Tuning is weird, but it makes the 
chords resonate well.

     If there is any confusion over the strumming pattern or the transitions 
between chords I have a video of myself playing the song so check it oouuttttttt :D

The whole song goes as follows

C#|-0--0-0--0--0-| (tune down from an E to a C#)C#|-0--0-0--0--0-| (tune up from a B to a's scary but okay)F#|-0--0-0--0--0-|C#|-2--5-4--9--7-|G#|-3--7-5--10-9-|D#|-0--0-0--0--0-|
For reference every time you see a \ that means change chords. \ \ \ \ Camo shorts and bubba kush. We could talk. She'd rather fuss. \ This and that bout such and such. Damn, where is the fucking trust. And then you just repeat that for the rest of the whole song! Again, if you have any problems just check out my video and it will clear it all up.
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