Lillix - Lost And Confused chords

Lost And Confused
Falling Uphill
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Key: G, A

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Em -  022000
G -   320033
Am -  x02210
C -   x32010
D -   xx0232
A -   x02220
C#m - x46654
Dm -  xx0231

Intro: Em--D-G-- x2

Guitar 2:e|---2---3--2--2h3p2--0--2----2---3-|B|-3---3--------------------3---3---|G|----------------------------------|D|----------------------------------|A|----------------------------------|E|----------------------------------|
Verse 1:
Em so many days
Ghave gone by
without a trace
Emi dont know what
Gto do or say (or say)
Em too many ways
Gfor you to come and stay
Em Gin my mind im waiting for you
Em but there is one thing
Gthat i forgot to say
Emdont think im
changing for
Gyou (for you)
Em never ever
Gwill you hear me say
Em Gthat i cant make it alone
Refrain 1:
Am Em C you just cant change it now
Dnot before we see that it has
Guitar 2: Refrain, * - means harmonicse|-------------------------|B|-5*-------5*-------5*----|G|----5*-------5*-------5*-|D|-------5*-------5*-------| x4A|-------------------------|E|----------- -------------|
Em gone through the window
G out of sight
Em Gnever again to be seen
Em lost and confused now
G dont know where to go
Em Gdont know where to go
Verse 2:
Em G i have seen you outside
the edge they call
Em Gquite a ways from it all
Em G dont turn away just look around
Em Gthen youll see that its gone
Refrain 2:
Am but thoughts mean
Emmore than words
Cthats why you cant
Dsee that its has
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
A C#mwhen the time has come
D Dmfor me to say goodbye
A C#m i'll look upon that
D Dmmoment i wont hide
(Repeat Intro) (Repeat chorus twice) Outro:
Em G ooh ooh
Emdont know
G(hold)where to go
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