Limozeen - Brain Sister chords

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e) ------------0--0-0---|B) 2--2-2-3--2-x--x-x-2-| X 2G) 2--2-2-3--2-2--2-2-2-|D) [not used]-----------|A) [not used]-----------|E) [not used]-----------|
A A AWell she was only 20/17
A A AShe was a loaded beauty queen
A A A Chorus:
(A)She was a
E DBrain, brain, brain sister
Verse Chorus Bridge
E E E EAnd she remembers how we used to duet X 3
D D D D Solo lead-in/Outro
I think you know what I meane) 0-0-------------|B) 2-2-------------|G) 2-2--- X 4-|D) 2-2-------------|A) 0-0-------------|E) -----4----------|
Play either Intro or verse part during solo Verse Chorus Bridge Outro, end on A Sorry for not having good timing, so just listen to the song!
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