Limp Bizkit – Hot Dog tab

Band: Limp Bizkit
Song: Hot Dog
Tabber: Will Sharp (email
Tuning: Standard C# (C# F# B E G# C#)
		    (low        high)

This isnt the complete song cos the others have done an alright job.  I 
thought id tab the verse cos no one can get it right.  Trust me, this is 
correct, tabbed from the finsbury park vid of hot dog, it matches what is

VERSE: You need a slow delay on otherwise it wont sound right. Its speed 
       needs to be such that it repeats on 15-14 and 9-8 (B string) correctly.
       You will know this when the 15th/9th frets' delay repeat is heard when the 14th/8th fret is played. 

This is all LIGHTLY PALM MUTEDC#|------------------------------------------------------------------------|G#|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E |------------------------------------------------------------------------|B |-------12--------12-15p12-14v-----7---------10p7-9v---------------------|F#|----14----14--------------------9---9----12-----------------------------|C#|-12-----------12--------------5--------10-------------------------------|
Repeat the verse x6, then: FILL-IN x4:
C#|------------------------------------------------------------------------|G#|------------------------------------------------------------------------|E |------------------------------------------------------------------------|B |------------------------------------------------------------------------|F#|-------------------------------------11---------------------------------|C#|--0-0--0-0--12-12--12-12-12-12-12h13------------------------------------|
Repeat verse x4 Then Heavy Chorus x4 Repeat verse x4 Fill-in x4 ... Any comments/suggestions email me
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