Lincoln Brewster - Whom Shall I Fear chords version 1

GBecause I know You live
DsusI'll put my faith in this
EmThat You hear my call
CLord You hear me calling
GBecause I know You live
DsusI'll set my heart on this
EmYou won't let me fall
CWhen all else is falling
G DsusWhen all You are is glorious Oh God
EmVictorious and strong
CWhom shall I fear
G DsusWhen all You are is powerful and true
EmAnd good in all You do
CWhom shall I fear
GWhom shall I fear
GBecause You're on my side
DsusI won't believe the lie
EmThat I'm all alone
GI'm not all alone here
GBecause You live in me
DsusMy heart will still believe
EmThat You came to save
GAnd You'll come to save me
D Em CI know You're with me in the fire
D Em CYou never leave me in the flame
D Em CI know Your thoughts are so much higher
Dsus Em CAnd all Your ways are not my ways
Instr. G, Dsus, Em, C
GYou are for me
DsusYou came to save me
EmYou will never let me go
CIn my heart I'll always know
GI know that You are for me
DsusI know that You are for me
Em C I know that that you will never forsake me in my weakness
G Dsus EmI know that You have come down even if to write upon my heart
C GTo remind me who You are
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