Linda Ronstadt – 210 Train chords

This song is actually by the Psychedelic Folk band The Stone Poneys and it 
features Linda Ronstadt on lead vocals. Pretty good lead vocals, actually.

I didn't know what the name of a chord was so I named it B5, not sure if it really 
is that chord, but here is what I ment.


Well, here's the whole song.

B E A EWell I woke up this morning woah-oh
B B5 BAnd the sun refused to shine
B E A EI knew I'd leave my baby woah-oh
B B5 BWith a troublin' mind
E A B AIt rains every morning woah-oh
E Bm AAnd evening is the same
B E A EAnd it's gonna be a long time woah-oh
B B5 B'Til I hear the 2:10 train
B E A EWell I looked out my window Woah-oh
B B5 BAnd I couldn't keep from cryin'
B E A EI knew the old 2:10 Woah-oh
B B5 BWould take me down the line
E A B AThat driver on that engine Woah-oh
E Bm AWell he ain't no friend of mine
B E A EHe's taken all the women Woah-oh
B B5 BAnd he's left the men behind
B E A EWell now he won't be leaving Big Ben Woah-oh
B B5 BFor another seven years
B E A EI'm gonna find another baby Woah-oh
B B5 BTo laugh away my tears
E A B AWhen I get back to Houston woah-oh
E Bm AI'm gonna shout and tell
B E A EOf how the Big Ben bought 'em Woah-oh
B B5 BIt's a living burning hell
B E A ENow when your lovin' baby leaves you Woah-oh
B B5 BDon't you feel so bad
B E A EIt makes you think about the good times Woah-oh
B B5 BWith the one time man you've had
E A B AHe's crying don't leave me here baby
E BmShackled to a chain
B E A EBut let me ride down with you woah-oh
B B5 BAlong the 2:10 train
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