Linda Ronstadt – Keep Me From Blowing Away chords

C Cmaj7 Am7 C6I've spent my whole lifetime in a world where the sunshine
F Em Dmmade excuses for not hanging 'round
G F Em Dm Dm7I've squandered emotions on the slightest of notions
G G7 Cand the first easy loving I've found
C Cmaj7 Am7 C6Soon all the good times, the gay times and play times
F Em Dm Dm7like colors run together and fade
G F Em DmOh Lord if you hear me, touch me and hold me
G F Em Dmand keep me from blowing away
[instrumental break then modulate to D]
D Dmaj7 Bm7 D6There've been times that I've trembled and my mind's remembered
G F#m Em Em7the days that just crumbled away
A G F#m EmWith nothing to show but these lines that I know
A Dare beginning to show in my face
D Dmaj7 Bm7 D6So Lord if you're listenin' you know I'm no christian
G F#m Em Em7and I ain't got much coming to me
A G F#m EmBut won't you send down some sunshine, throw out a lifeline
G A D And keep me from blowing away
A G F#m EmLord if you hear me, touch me and hold me,
G A G D and keep me from blowing away
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