Linda Teodosiu - Reprogram My Heart chords

This is my first tab ! So I hope you like it ;) 
Feel free to comment different changes ! 


Linda Teodosiu - Reprogram My Heart

F#m:    244222
Dsus2:  xx0230
Asus2:  x02200
E/A  :  022200

Intro: F#m Dsus2 Asus2 E/A  2x

F#mDon't know what I meant to him,
Dsus2Don't know what he doesn't mean,
Asus2 E/Abut why keep wine into him when I should really leave,
F#mI wasn't brought up this way,
Dsus2I should have fantasies,
Asus2 E/Athis just something about him breaks in my defense,
F#m Dsus2 Asus2 E/Ahe knows it's truish, I knew, oh, what to do to make this feeling go away!
F#mGotta reprogram my heart,
Dsus2reprogram my brain ....
F#m Dsus2 Asus2 E/A (You play these chords trough the whole song)
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