Lindsay Lohan – Bossy tab

uh this is one of the sexiest songs in the decade so i decided to TAB it hehe and i hope 
all would love it its an amazing song by Lindsay  ...

Tabbed by : Kal
Song : Bossy
Artist : Lindsay Lohan
style : Acoustic

an acoustic cover for the song with this TAB i made :

Main Riff

e|------------------|B|------------------|G|------------------|D|------------------| X2A|------------------|E|-0--2-3--5---5----|
e|------------------|B|------------------|G|------------------|D|------------------| X1A|------------------|E|-3-3-3--1---0-----|
e|------------------|B|------------------|G|------------------|D|------------------| X1A|------------------|E|-9-9-9--5--3------|
(And u keep repeating it for the whole song in the Verse parts) Chords for the whole song : Tunning : Standard CAPO : on First Fret Chords used : Am , G , F , Em Am Em G I'm just a little bossy , i like it how F i like it when i like it Am and that's how it is Em G (im) Just a little bossy u gotta problem with it F Am if i want it i get it now Em La la la la la la la G I get it now lalala F im just a little bossy U keep using Am , Em , G , F ENJOY
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