Lindsay Lohan - Something I Never Had tab

Lindsay Lohan
Something I Never Had
2004 Casablanca Records
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Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
E -    022100
C#m -  x46654
A -    x02220
B -    x24442
A/C# - x476xx
D -    xx0232

Intro:e|--------7------------|B|----------4-5-7-5-4--|G|---------------------|D|---------------------| repeat many timesA|---------------------|E|---------------------|
Verse: Do intro E Do you see me C#m Do you feel me like I feel you Call your number I cannot get through E You don't hear me And I don't understand C#m When I reach out I don't find your hand Refrain: A Were they wasted words B Did they mean a thing? A/C# And all those precious time D And I still feel so in between. Chorus: E A F#m D Someday I just keep pretending E A F#m That you'll stay dreaming D of a different ending E A I wanna hold on but F#m D it hurts so bad E A But I can't keep F#m D something that I never had Verse 2: E I keep tellin' myself Things can turn around C#m with time and if I wait it out E You can always change your mind Like a fairy tale where C#m it works out in the end Can I close my eyes A have you lying here again Refrain 2: Then I come back down B Then I see back again A/C# D Then I realize it just what might have been (Repeat chorus except last line) F#m D C#m something that I never had Bridge: D Am I a shadow on your wall A/C# Am I anything at all B anything to you C#m D Am I a secret that you keep A Do you dream me when B your sleeping after all (Repeat Chorus)
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