Lindsey Buckingham - Cast Away Dreams tab

This song is in open G tuning, tuned down a half-step (Db-Gb-Db-Gb-Bb-Db). I will refer 
the chord names as if the song were being played in G major. The lowest string isn't 
in this as far as I know. Enjoy!

G: x00000
Em: x99980
Am: x22210
C: x55555
D: x77777
Bm: x44430
A: x22222


(G) (Em) Holy light
(Am) Visionary sight
(C) There's been a change in (D) plans
(G) (Em) Going away
(Am) No I cannot stay
(Bm) I hope you'll (C) under (G) stand


(G) I won't (Bm) be (Em) home (Bm) to (Em) night
(Am) I'll (G) just (Bm) slip (Am) out (G) of (C) sight
(Am) Lay (Em) down (Bm) my (Am) vision (Em) 
(C) eyes
(G) Dancing on my (C) cast away (D) dreams
(G) Keep your (Bm) self (Em) out (Bm) of (Em) sight
(Am) Fare (G) well (Bm) to the (Am) wishes (G) that (C) died
(Am) Look for (Em) me (Bm) in the (Am) mor (Em) ning (C) light
(G) Dancing on my (C) cast away (G) dreams


(D) It would do no (G) good
(D) To drown in the (G) sea
(D) Where no one re (G) members their name
And nothing but (A) nothing is (D) free
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