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Linkin Park – With You tab ver. 2

Linkin Park "With You"
Album:Hybrid Theory

Nobody seems to have made a decent tab for the awesome song.
So i figured its def time.And all the contraversy over weather its played on
 a 6 or 7 string is pointless cuz both sides are rite.
At 1st this song was
 written on a 7,then later on brad used a 6 to play it live
,cuz he didnt use the high e string anyway.
So stop figthing about it,damn it lol.
In other words if u only have a 6 string tune it in a B standard tuning like ive shown.
I cant really take all the credit for this tab.
I actually found this in a comment from some one else and for the most part it was rite.
I just tweaked and moved some stuff for timing and put some other options for playing
parts in a different way ect.

Tuning: 7 string (B,E,A,D,G,b,e) or 6 string (B,E,A,D,G,b)

e|--------------------------------------------------------|b|----------12*-----------7*------------------------------|G|-7*-(7*)-- 12*-------------7*---------------------------|D|-(7*)-------12*-7*--------------------------------------| >(*)Ghost notesA|--------------------------------------------------------| optional.E|--------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------|Chorus
|---------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------||-2~--------------------7~---------4~---------||-2~---------2~---------5~---------5~---------||-0~---------2~---------3~---------5~---------||------------0~--------------------3~---------| * /\
Other options for this chord* (considering it may be harder for some ppl to fret)|---------------------------------------------------||-----3---------------------------------------------||-----2---------------------7-----------------------||-----0-------------or------7-------or--7----or-----||-----x---------------------5-----------5--------12-||-----3---------------------0-----------3--------10-||------------------------------------------------8--|
The 1st option i put here seems to work great and is an awesome alturnative to the "hard fret chord". The 2nd *isnt* as nice sounding but will work all right for someone with small hands (keeping this song in the novice range too). And the 3rd is wut i think they use on the record ,but its a decent stretch of the hand thats for sure :/ And finally the 4th option witch great too.Its pretty much the same chord played in a differrent postion (possibly too grab?)So u pick ur choice,cuz thats all of 'em lol. Idk why i put so much thought one chord,but it was an odd ball.And i wanted to make sure it was right for u guys :) pce-chris
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