Linkin Park – Iridescent tab

Linkin Park
A Thousand Suns


|---------------15-------------13------------13--12-----------*------------------------------||----13---------13---13--------13---13-------13--13--13-------13---12------------------------||----12---------12---12--------12---12-------12--12--12-------14---12------------------------||--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|When you play this, always strum the 12 and 13 on the G and B. When you hit the high hit them to where they're the main focus. At the star, make sure to hit this 13 as you any note on the E.
The chords that go over this part are as follows: C, Am, G Best song on the new album? Quite possibly! If you've got anything to add or if anything's wrong. Point it out, in the comments or me. I'll be glad to fix it. I hope this helps. Thanks!
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