Linkin Park – What Ive Done chords

(Palm Muted/Dampened)
Em G D Ams7 (2nd finger, fourth string, second fret, 3rd finger, third string second fret)
(unmuted, fast) Em G D Ams7 (slower) Em G D Ams7 Em G D Ams7 Em (Palm Muted/Dampened)
Em GIn This Farewell, Theres No Blood
D Ams7Theres No Alibi...
Em G'Cause I've Drawn Regret, From The Truth...
D Ams7Of A Thousand Lies...
Em G DSo Let Mercy Come, And wash Away...
Ams7 What Ive... (unmuted, Slower)
Em GDONE, I'll Face Myself
D Ams7To Cross Out What Ive Be...
Em GCOME, Erase Myself
D Ams7And Let Go Of What Ive Done
This basically repeats all through it! This is My first chord sheet
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