Linkin Park – Guilty All The Same chords

not 100% correct, but okay :) sorry for bad english


Dm A Bb F

Verse :

Dm Tell us all again
A What you think we should be
Bb What the answers are
F What it is we can't see
DmTell us all again
A How to do what you say
Bb How to fall in line
FHow there's no other way
B C ABut oh, we all know
Chorus (2x):
DmYou're guilty all the same
AToo sick to be ashamed
BbYou want to point your finger
FBut there's no one else to blame
Dm You're guilty all the same
Intro Verse Chorus 2x Riff: You can play the little riff with the chords shown below. Figure out the strumming by listening to the song.
AThere's no one else to blame
Dm A Bb A Dm A Guilty all the same
A Bb Dm Dm A Bb A Dm AGuilty all the same
A Bb Dm Dm A Bb A Dm A You're guilty all the saaaaaaaame
A Bb Dm Verse: Dm Bb Dm Bb Just repeat this chords. Again, listen to the song to figure out how to strum it. Chorus 2x Riff
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