Linkin Park - By Myself Live tab

This is the real Live in Texas By Myself tab, I figured this out in just 5 seconds,
its live, so there is a difference between the CD version and the Live version.

Artist: Linkin Park
Tuning: 1/2 step down (All Linkin Park Tuning is like this except Don't Stay, which
is in drop B tuning)
CD: Live In Texas DVD/CD.

Verse: On the * do a pinched harmomic or harmonic,eb|------------------| /which ever you want, or like.Bb|------------------| /Gb|------------------|/Db|-1-1-1-1/6-6-6-7*-|Ab|-1-1-1-1/6-6-6----|Eb|-1-1-1-1/6-6-6----|
Bridgeeb|------------------------------------|Bb|------------------------------------| Gb|------------------------------------|Db|-1-1-1-1/6-6-6--1-1-1-0-1/6-6-------|Ab|-1-1-1-1/6-6-6--1-1-1-0-1/6-6-------|Eb|-1-1-1-1/6-6-6--1-1-1-0-1/6-6-------|
\Chorus: \eb|---------------------| \Bb|---------------------| Last time around.Gb|---------------------|Db|-1-X-X-1-0-0-1/6-----|-1-1-1-0-0-0-|Ab|-1-X-X-1-0-0-1/6-----|-1-1-1-0-0-0-|Play this after the verse, it leadsEb|-1-X-X-1-0-0-1/6-----|-1-1-1-0-0-0-|into the Chorus.
Verse2eb|--------------|Bb|--------------| Gb|--------------|Db|-1-1-1-1-7*---|Then play the regular verse, its just played once.Ab|-1-1-1-1------|Eb|-1-1-1-1------|
Thats it, Im pretty sure that its almost 100% correct. Please Rate this tab. Thanx.
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