Lionel Richie – Ballerina Girl chords

Ballerina Girl Artist(Band):Lionel Richie
Tabbed by Joseph Kuya
Intro: F	G	F 	G
F G CBallerina girl, you are so lovely
F Gwith you standing there, I'm so aware
G Cof how much I care for you
F you are more than now
G Cyou are for always
FI can see in you
Gmy dreams come true
CDon't you ever go away
F Em/CYou make me feel like
Dm7 C7there's nothing I can't do
F Em/Cand when I hold you
Dm7 Gsus4I only want to say I love you
VERSE 2 Ballerina girl, the joy you bring me every day and night holding you tight how I've waited for your love sometimes I've wondered if you'd ever come my way now that I've finally found you this is where my heart will stay woooah INTERLUDE C F G C / C F G C// BRIDGE
Dm7 F GI’m never gonna break you heart
Dm7 F Gnever will we drift apart
F G Am F Gsus4cause all I want to do is share my whole life with you
F Em/Cyou make me feel like
Dm7 C7there's nothing I can't do
F Em/CI guess I finally realized
Dm7 Gsus4there's nothing else like loving you
CHORUS TO OUTRO same as to the Chorus Ballerina girl, you are so lovely I can see in you my dreams come true don't you ever go away Ballerina Girl
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