Lionel Richie – Endless Love chords

cappo 1st fret.

I have never tabbed a song before but I hope it does as well for you as it has for Me. 
this song sounds great picked or strummed. so take your pick, and have fun. lub u tash

Chords used.  (  in relation to cappo)
A -003330
E- 022100
F#m- 244222
Dm7 113121

INTRO.  pick A,  with adds and hammers.

A Boy: My love,
DThere's only you in my life
E AThe only thing that's right
AGirl: My first love,
DYou're every breath that I take
E A EYou're every step I make
DBoy : And I
EGirl : I-I-I-I-I
ABoy : I want to share
E F#m E D BOTH: All my love with you
E A EBoy : No one else will do...
DGirl : And your eyes
E Boy : Your eyes, your eyes
A E F#m BOTH : They tell me how much you care
E D Dm7 DOoh yes, you will always be
AMy endless love
A BOTH : Two hearts,
A DTwo hearts that beat as one
E AOur lives have just begun
AGirl : Forever
Boy : Ohhhhhh
A D BOTH : I'll hold you close in my arms
E AI can't resist your charms
DGirl : And love
EBoy : Oh, love
E A BOTH: I'll be a fool
E F#m E D For you, I'm sure
E AGirl : You know I don't mind
A Boy : Oh, you know I don't mind
D E BOTH : 'Cause you,
A E F#mYou mean the world to me, Oh
DGirl : I know
Boy : I know
Dm7 BOTH: I've found in you
D AMy endless love
Boy : Oooh-woow
A BOTH: Boom, boom
A DBoom, boom, boom, boom, boom
E ABoom, boom, boom, boom, boom
A D BOTH: Oooh, and love
EBoy : Oh, love
A BOTH: I'll be that fool
E F#m E DFor you, I'm sure
E AGirl : You know I don't mind
ABoy : Oh you know-
BOTH: I don't mind
E A E F#mYou'll be the only one
D E'Cause NO one can deny
D EThis love I have inside
D EAnd I'll give it all to you
DBoy : My love
Girl : My love, my love
(open) ABoth: my endless love
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