Lionel Richie – Still chords

Lionel Richie

Capo 1


C   F   C   F

Verse 1:

C Dm7 Lady, morning's just a moment away
G CAnd I'm without you once again
CYou laughed at me
F You said you never needed me
G F CI wonder if you need me now
Chorus 1:
F Dm7So many dreams that flew away
G Cmaj7 C7So many words we didn't say
F Dm7Two people lost in a storm
G Cmaj7 Where did we go
C7Where'd we go
F Dm7We lost what we both had found
G Cmaj7 C7You know we let each other down
FBut then most of all
F Em Dm7 GI do love you
Still Interlude: F C F Dm7 G F C Chorus 2:
F Dm7We played the games that people play
G Cmaj7 C7We made our mistakes along the way
F Em Dm7Somehow I know deep in my heart
G Cmaj7 You needed me
C7 F Em Dm7'Cause I needed you so desperately
G Cmaj7 C7We were too blind to see
FBut then most of all
F Em Dm7 GI do love you
F CStill
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