Lions Lions – Tumbling tab ver. 2

Band: Lions Lions
Song: Tumbling


This is a really great song and I never found any tabs for it so I learned it myself by 
the video for it and listening to it.
This song is property of Lions Lions and I am only creating this tab for learning purposes.

Van has a video for it in which he uses a capo on the 2nd fret, but the album version 
it on the 4th fret. Standard Tuning.

Intro|----0-----0-----0-----------------------||--7----10----3----3---------------------||--7----9-----2----2---------------------||----------------------------------------||----------------------------------------||--7----9-----3----3---------------------|Theres a little bit of strumming for the last chord.Strum the last chord multiple times on the last repitition before the verse.
Verse (pretty easy strumming)|------------------------------||--3---3---3-------------------||--2---2---2-------------------||------2-----------------------||--2---------------------------||----------3-------------------|
Chorus ("Will you stay for awhile...") play each chord multiple times, you'll hear the switch|------------------------------| 2X|--3---3---3-------------------||--2---2---2-------------------||--0---2-----------------------||------------------------------||----------3-------------------|
Soft Part ("Singing woah")|-----------------------------||--7---5---3--3---------------||--6---4---2--2---------------||-----------------------------||-----------------------------||--7---5---3--3---------------|
-Order Of Song- Intro x4 Verse x6 Chorus x2 Verse x5 Soft Part Verse x6 Chorus(first chord isn't played, third chord is played twice)
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