Lisa Hannigan – Passenger tab

Passenger - tab & chords for guitar and mandolin
Artist: Lisa Hannigan
Album: Passenger
Tabbed by: Gioacchino La Rochelle
Description: For all morning I've been trying to tab this fantastic song for guitar 
solo, but in all ways it sounds differently
from the video on youtube (played with a mandolin). So on wikipedia I saw the musical 
notes on the strings in a mandolin
and realised that they were the same notes in a violin. I took my violin (I have not a 
mandolin) and easily and quickly
played all song using it like a little guitar. Now i put here the tab for 
mandolin/violin and a guitar tab that sounds
like the original song. You can also try to tune your guitar in eADG but you have to 
tuning the B string in A, remove
the G string and put there the D string, than put the A string at the side of the D 
string, tuning this string in G.

=== Mandolin tab ===

f = fast
' = stress

Verse: G Ce------------------------------------------------|A--------2---2---2---'f0--------3---3---3----'f0-|D----------0-------0--------------2--------2-----|G---'0--------0------------'0---------0----------|
Chorus: G C e-------------3------------'0-------------0----------------'0--| A------2------------2-------------3----------------3-----------| D----------0------------0-------------2-----------------2------| G---'0-----------0-------------0---------------0---------------|
She was bi - - - - - - - - - (than repeat for "why?" many times) Bridge:
oh my sa - tel -
C Ge-------------0------------'0-------------3-----------------f3-|A------3------------3-------------2----------------2-----------|D----------2------------2-------------0-----------------0------|G---'0-----------0-------------'0--------------0---------------|
li - te ====================== === Guitar solo tab == Capo on the 3th; so che chords written on words are not correct. The correct chords are: E A for the verse and the chorus and B, A, E for the Bridge. Verse:
G Ce---------------------|-------------------|B---------------------|-------------------|G----1-----1----------|-----2------2------|D----2-----2----------|-----2------2------|A-------2-------------|--------2----------|E--0---------0--------|--0-----------0----|
G Ce----------0----------------------------------------|B----------0-----------------------2----------------|G----1---------1-------2------2-----------2------1--|D----2---------2-------2-------------------------2--|A-------2----------2--------------------------------|E--0---------0-------------0-----0----0------0------|
Bridge: Play the chords D = 224442 C = 002220 and G = 022100 with the same rythm of the chorus. =========== Verse: G C Walking round Chicago, G C I have smuggled you as cargo, though you are far away unknowing. By the time we get to Salt Lake I have packed you in my suitcase, ironed the creases from my own remembering. Chorus: G - C - G C G - C - G She said Bi - - - rd, why - - -? Verse 2: We wound our way to Texas where I summoned remote hexes and I sent them across dust and oceans. In Phoenix, Arizona I had the notion I might phone you, but there it lived and died, a notion. Chorus 2: She said Bird, why? I said Bird, why? Bridge: D C G D C G Oh my satellite, oh my passenger. Verse 3: G C We came up on Ohio, I have you chewed on like a biro. You are a sum I am no closer to deciphering. We came to Minneapolis, all fizzy blood and twitchy fists. I buried you in a day of snowing. Chorus 3: She said Bird, why? I said Bird, why? Bridge 2: D C G D C G Oh my satellite, oh my passenger.
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