Lisa Loeb - What Am I Supposed To Say Acoustic tab

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Tuning: standard

Chords: Bbsus2 Gsus4 Asus4 ??? Dmaj Dmaj7 Am Gmaj Cmaj Em------ e--1-----3-----5-----7-----2----2---0---3----0---0- b--1-----3-----5-----0-----2----2---0---3----0---0- g--3-----5-----7-----0-----3----2---1---3----1---0- d--3-----5-----7-----0-----0----0---2---0----2---2- a--1-----3-----5-----0-----0----0---0---2----3---2- E--1-----3-----5-----3-----X----X---0---3----3---0-
INTRO: Bbsus2 Gsus4 Asus4 ----- Bbsus2 Gsus4 ??? VERSE1: Dmaj Dmaj7 Am Gmaj ------ Waiting for the super buzz, the second dose, the inspiration, Dmaj but something strange is going on. Dmaj Dmaj7 Am I'm in the middle of another stupid conversation. Dmaj Dmaj7 Am Gmaj I can't believe so many days have gone by since I tried to talk to you, Dmaj but some thing strange is going on. Dmaj Dmaj7 Am Gmaj I've got both sides of it and I'm waiting for the other one to come but.. Cmaj CHORUS: You're too late, great, ------ Gmaj What am I supposed to say? Dmaj That he's done something wrong, and he's gonna have to pay. Cmaj Late, great, Gmaj What am I supposed to say? Dmaj Em That he begs to be beside you? VERSE2: Off and running. It's stunning, you're caught off guard. ------ You feel forgotten, afraid of, in the dark. Something strange is going on...but something strange is going on. Sometimes the sun isn't bright enough in your apartment, the sun. You have to lean towards the light, to get anything anything done but.. CHORUS 2x Bbsus2 Gsus4 Asus4 Ohoo Ohoo oooh Ohoo Ohoo oooh Bbsus2 Gsus4 ??? Ohoo Ohoo oohh ..something strange is goin on.. CHORUS 2x Ohoo Ohoo oohh Ohoo Ohoo oohh
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