Still Alive Acoustic chords with lyrics by Lisa Miskovsky - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Lisa Miskovsky – Still Alive Acoustic chords

Here are my chords for the Mirror's Edge song that I figured out by watching a 
piano cover on YouTube :)
Please feel free to correct me in your comments

Tuning: Standard

No Capo is needed unless you plan on singing it and it doesn't suit your vocal range.

Intro (Piano Riff):

BI have changed
B EbmI have changed
C#Just like you
BJust like you
BFor how long
B EbmFor how long
Must I wait
C# I know there's something wrong
B EbmYour concrete heart isn't beating
C#And I've tried to
BMake it come alive
BNo shadows
B Just red lights
Ebm C# Now I'm here to rescue you oh
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chorus:
(Piano Riff w/ chords) Ebm B C# Bbme|--------11---11-11--9--6---6----4----9---9-9---2-1---1---------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------4-------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B F#Oh I'm still alive
C# I'm still alive
C# But can not apologize, no
(Play riff or chords- both if you have two guitarists)
B F#Oh I'm still alive
C# I'm still alive
C# But can not apologize, no
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Verse 2 lyrics: So silent No violence But inside my head So loud and clear You're screaming You're screaming Covered up with a smile I've learned to fear Just sunshine And blue sky Is this all we get For living here Come fire Come fire Let it burn and love come racing through ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Chorus) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bridge:
B C#I've learn to lose
Ebm I've learn to win
C#I've turned my face against the wind
B C#I will move fast
EbmI will move slow
C# Take me where I have to go
(Play just the Piano riff) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Chorus) and the song fades out!!! :D I hope I helped!!!
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