Lissie - Oh Mississippi chords

Tuning: EADGBE

An awesome song from an incredible talent

Depending on the version, the key changes... but on the official studio recording it's
tuning with capo at position 1. The chord shapes here (play all the chords open!) are
to the open tuning on the guitar. Don't forget the lovely little passing note - the D/Db 
the refrain, it really adds further to the melancholy of this beautiful song

GOh mighty river
DThe Mississippi’s
ATurbulent waters
DLull me to sleep
GPlease take my hand
DI will go gently
AYour arms around me
D D/DbYou’ll me my man
BmThe leaves are changing
G D I cross this road
E E7To make my last walk
AIn that warm sunshine
GOh mighty river
DThe Mississippi
AOh all the trouble
DYour banks have seen
GCarry these stories
DFrom north to south
AAround these parts
DYou’re westward bound
= inst = G D A D/Db
BmOh the factory’s closing
GKids have grown so fast
E E7Lift up their woe please
AAs you flow past
GOh endless river
DYou’ve seen it all
ANow do your waters
D /E /GbHave room for one more
GOh endless river
DAs you transcend
APlease take me with you
DFar from this land
APlease take me with you
DFar from this land
----------------------------------------------------------------------- Now all we have to do is learn to sing like Lissie(!)... I hope I've done it justice! Kevin O'Brien Watford England May 2010
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