Lit – Times Like This tab

			     "Times Like This" - Lit
Tabbed by: mastersamu

Tuning: 1/2 step down

Most of this song is played with power chords, but if you just want to play it on an
acoustic guitar, then this tab is perfect.
Tuning is 1/2 step down.
Listen to the CD for the rhythm.

E				C		E	C
You're the song that's stuck in my head
E			C
I try to think of something else
D			C
It keeps coming back again
E			C
Says she wants to end it
I'll just keep pretending

A		B  G
And there you go
C		B
Turning up again

	E         C		D	B
Its times like this i need a friend
	E	C	  G	   D
Ill take a hit and hold u in
	E         C		D	B
Cant live, cant breathe, im underneath
Its times like this i need 
You here with me, with me
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