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Date: Sun, 08 Mar 1998 10:00:48 +0100
From: Daniele Mazzucca 
Subject: l/litfiba/suona_fratello.crd

Author: Litfiba
Title: Suona fratello
LP: Spirito

A- G E- A-|-----------------------------------------||-------5-----------------------5---------||-----5---5-7-4-----------4-7-4---5-------||-7-7-----------5-----5-5-----------7-----||-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------|
A- G E- A-|-----------------------------------------||-------5---------------------------------||-----5---5-7-4-------7-5-4---------------||-7-7-----------5-------------5-7---------||-----------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------|
SUONA FRATELLO A- G E- A- G E- A- Suona fratello alla luna piena perch? la notte e' una candela Guarda sorella la luna piena perch? l'amore e' un'altalena Canta sorella alla luna piena perch? la vita e' una catena Transcription by Daniele Mazzucca Email:
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