Fine Line chords with lyrics by Little Big Town - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Little Big Town – Fine Line chords

Intro:  |Am ///|F ///|G ///|G ///|
        |Am ///|F ///|G ///|G ///|
        |Am ///|F ///|G ///|G ///|	            riff over
        |Am ///|F ///|G ///|G ///|


F F C C (stop) single chords Completely complacent
F F C C (stop) So decidedly vacant
/G/ /G/ /G/ /G/ off-beat stops I keep waiting for something to give
/F/ /F/ /F/ /F/But that something is always me
F F C C (stop) You consume what youre able
F F C C (stop) I get crumbs from your table
/G/ /G/ /G/ /G/ off-beat stops You call this comfortably normal
/F/ /F/ F ///But I call it getting by
Am /// F /// G /// G /// Baby, its a fine line (Im holding on, youre holding back)
Am /// F /// G /// G /// Baby, its a fine line (Cant you hear me knockin at your door?)
Am /// F /// G /// G /// But youre taking your sweet time (In love, out of touch)
Am /// F /// G /// G /// F F C C... Baby, its a fine line (Baby, its a real fine line)
Verse: ... (stop) Do you feel the distance
F F C C (stop) Like I feel resistance?
/G/ /G/ /G/ /G/ If I pulled any farther away
/F/ /F/ /F/ /F/Would you even come after me?
F F C C (stop) But the one thing Im fearing
F F C C (stop) Is that Im disappearing
/G/ /G/ /G/ /G/ How can I keep believing
/F/ /F/ F///If you wont prove me wrong?
Chorus Solo (over Verse) Ooooh... Chorus Chorus End
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