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Taking My Time 
transcribed by Craig Bluff (

intro:   (Eb     Ab   Bbsus   Bb)

              Eb                   C        Bb
I'm taking my time so please don't push me.

G                     C                    Bb
I gotta sort out some things I didn't know existed.

    Bb    C#   Eb                       F     C
I've been here before. I know where the traps lie.

Ab                   Eb              F            C         Bb
Can only take what's there cause the rest doesn't matter.

             Eb                    C        Bb
I'm tired of talk, so please don't rush me.

G                   C                        Bb  Bbsus  Bb
You know I want the same kind of things that you do.

       Bb      C#   Eb                    F     C
You're wasting your time the way you come on to me.

Ab             Eb         F      C            G
Slow down your rhymes and try to reason.

D              C               G     Em         F#m             Am  D
You can't make things move any faster by second wishing them to death.

D              C           G   Em               F
You seem to be living on a level that's decent enough.

C                D       G  Bb  C  Eb  F    C  Eb     C   Bb    C
You got what you wanted. So why do you tell me I'm on the wrong track?

G   Bb C  Eb  F   Eb C   Bb    F    G     F     F
I'm doing the best I can do.

(Eb   C) 2x  F    F  C   Bb

            Eb             C  Bb
Why try to outguess a situation

G                  C              Bb Bbsus Bb
that I know you're not even fully aware of?

  Bb   C#     Eb                    F       C
I want you to know that if it keeps on this way,

Ab              Eb          F        C
I can't keep on letting you bring me down.

 Ab  Eb  F   C   Ab  Eb  Bb  F     C
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