Little Feat - Gimme A Stone tab

Gimme A Stone

By Little Feat
Album: Chinese Work Songs

Note: This tab is really good, but it is flatpicked 
so there are many more notes I didnít include. 
I only used the chord strums and the melody.

Capo 2

This song is really easier, fun, and deceptively repetitive. 
In this song there is a chord strum and 
then the melody is played on the higher strings.
This is a simplified but still right version.

Intro: (capo 2)

F C G Ge|------------|----0------|----------|0-----------|B|-1--1ó3p1-1-|------3--1-|-3---3----|--3--1------|G|-0h2--------|-0---------|-0---0----|-------2--0-|D|-3----------|-0h2-------|-0---0----|------------|A|------------|-3---------|-2---2----|------------|E|------------|-----------|-3---3----|------------|
F C G Ge|------------|----0------|--------0-|------------|B|---1--1-3-1-|-1----3--1-|-3---3----|-3----------|G|---0h2------|-0---------|-0---0----|------------|D|---3--------|-2---------|-0---0----|------------|A|------------|-3---------|-2---2----|------------|E|------------|-----------|-3---3----|------------|
F C G Ge|------------|----0------|----------|0-----------|B|---1--1ó3-1-|------3--1-|-3---3----|--3--1------|G|---0h2------|-0---------|-0---0----|-------2--0-|D|---3--------|-2---------|-0---0----|------------|A|------------|-3---------|-2---2----|------------|E|------------|-----------|-3---3----|------------|
F C G Ce|------------|----0------|-----0----|-0----------|B|---1--1-3-1-|-1----3--1-|-3------3-|-1----------|G|---0h2------|-0---------|-0--------|-0----------|D|---3--------|-2---------|-0--------|-2----------|A|------------|-3---------|-2--------|-3----------|E|------------|-----------|-3--------|------------|
Verse: F C G Am F C G G F C G Am F C G C Chorus follows same chords as intro and is pretty much the same thing More Notes: -All measures are same length (4/4) - First three bars of each intro line can be played at the beginning of each verse line because the chords are the same - song is flatpicked but a finger pick it - chords are relative to capo Adam B. Any questions to
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