Little Joy – Play The Part chords

Hi, this is one of my first tabs. I am not an expert, so feel free to correct me. :-)
I just figured out some easy chords to play the song. I am sure these are not exactly 
the original chords, but maybe the novices of you enjoy playing the song like this. Have fun!

D  F#m  G  Gm   D  Gm  D

D F#mSpending time
G GmConvinced that it's mine
D Gm DWith her, just to keep her out of mind
G A7Still I'll take care to see
D9which way the wind blows, notice how her hair curls
G A7Pay no mind to the
Dsusclown fits to your side, content to her despite cry
G A7 D9He's a fool, to assume
We each bear a thougt
D7a recieve has just been got
G Gm D9I don't find it funny, anymore
G Gm D9And so I won't play the part, I played before
Gm6 [? very unsure about that] Oh no
G A7 D9 D7Now, do you?
G A7 Dadd9I don't see him laughing anyway
G Gm D9 Gm6And so won't play a part in your mistake, no way
G A7 D9 D7Now unless you stay
G Gm D9 D7 G A7 D9
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