Little Man Tate – House Party At Boothys Acoustic tab

Little Man Tate - House Party at Boothys (acoustic)

Great band, great song, simple to play!

Its not 100% correct but its extremely close. Any corrections, mail me


The band:

Jon Windle (vocals + guitar), 
Maz (guitar), 
Ben Surtees (bass), 
Dan Fields (drums)


Chords in rough order of apperence

  C Am Csus4 G C( Em( Am( Cm( F( G( 

F#( Em
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro: Jon plays this: C Em Am Em Csus4 C Csus4 G While Maz plays this: Listen to get the timing
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Verse: Maz plays this on his own while Jon sings: There are two different chord sequences per verse, both are played twice. Sq1 = C( Em( Am( Em( Cm( Em( F( G( Sq2 = C( Em( Am( Em( Cm( Em( F( F#( G( The order of the sequences goes: sq1 sq2 sq2 sq1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chorus: Both Jon and Max play this once: Csus4 G C Em G C G C -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Intro is then played again -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Verse then repeated -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chords of the intro are then played but each chord is only strummed once. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chorus -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Intro chords then repeated once (with slight variation, see below) and then played 3 times with Jon Maz and Ben all singing naaa na na naaa etc etc to the tune of the little riff Maz plays at the beginning First run through of these chords has a slight variation. The Csus4 isnt played and instead the C chord is strummed a couple of times. Just before moving to the G this is strummed once:
Its just the shape of the C chord but shifted up one fret. Not sure its a real chord but its what they play and it sounds good. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- They then end on one strum of a C chord. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- And thats it! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- p = pull off h = hammer on / = slide up \ = slide down ~ = vibrato x = muted note pm = palm mute
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