Little Man Tate - House Party At Boothys tab

House Party At Boothy's

C Em Am Em Well I have got some information; well I don't know your name F Am F G7 Oh there’s a party going on at Boothy’s house, 1b Lydgate lane C Em Am Em Well tell somebody to tell somebody to tell somebody new F Am Bring a crate and some wine, oh and you'll be fine F G7 Enough to see you through C Em So have a drink and have a cigarette, drink and have a cigarette Am Em F Kiss and ask her name, but it doesn't seem right, Am F G7 It seems a little funny cos her sister kissed the same C Em Well I sit in a chair next to the CD player Am Em Talk to some kid he couldn't be much gayer F Am He’s mates with his cousin, he's tryin to lay her F G7 Well her best friend guards the door Am G things can't seem to get much better F Am G Scenesters dance in their v-necks sweaters C G F (doing 1-0-1-0 etc on E string) These four walls won't forget tonight C Em Am Em F Am F F# G Won’t forget tonight
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