Little Man Tate - Suicide Tuesday tab

first song iv put on here


E G# C#m A B

E                        G#
Tuesday morning does she do what he says
         C#m                      A       B
All the things they talked about lying in bed
They were out for the weekend
And got lost in themselves
       C#m                        A        B
Would anybody know if she dipped into the tills?
And she knows that it's not perfect
With the texts that he sends
     C#m                       A          B
He's even gotten rid of nearly all of her friends
E                                     G#
And she could try to love him or face being on her own
                C#m                        A         B
Her heart could never be his, and her mind never her own

Havent worked out chorus yet
think it goes sumthing like 
F#,E Then E,B,A
Not sure tho
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