Little Red - Rock It tab version 2

			     Rock It - Little Red
Tabbed by: jackofspades500

Tuning: Standard - E A D G B E

A very nice little song. Has a lot of different parts and there are usually
several instruments playing different things at once which make up the sound
you hear. I've tabbed out all of the guitar parts as well as the main piano
riff for guitar. Have a listen to the song and have a play around with 
putting which parts where and when. I've also, however, included what the guitar plays
when. Enjoy.

Piano Riff (tabbed for guitar):

Riff 1:
Riff 2:
Fill 1 (can be played in other, equivalent positions):
************* Song order ************* Piano riff repeats through intro and verses. Riff 1 comes in halfway through first verse and repeats through verse. Fill 1 played halfway through first chorus and leads into Riff 2 which is played in the second half of the first chourus. Bridge is repeated twice after chorus. Riff 1 repeats all through second verse. Fill 1 leads in to second (and final) chorus. Riff 2 plays all through final chorus. Last half of final chorus has a hybrid of riff 1 and 2 where riff 1 is played during the rests in riff 2. But like I said, have a listen and have a play around with it. ********** Lyrics ********** Alive, all of the colour in the night Laying down beside my side And the restless in your eyes To reach before the morning rise Out on the street corner again I turn around to see my friends Some get forward, some get low But no-one knows which way to go Rock it to the break of day Don't stop rocking now, no way If everybody feels the same This is why we play these games Rock it to the early dawn Soon those good good times will be gone Everything I ever had If I could have one night like that C'mon, DJ play us one more song We've been waiting all night long Just about to lose our minds So play that rhythm one more time And now they're clearing out the floor We never made it there at all Still not ready to go home But no-one knows which way to go ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off ************************************
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