Little Richard - Rip It Up tab

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Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 13:54:49 -0700
From: Collins Crapo 
Subject: CRD: /l/little_richard/rip_it_up.crd

written by Robert Blackwell and John Marascalco
performed by Little Richard
tab transcribed by Collins Crapo 

Well, it's Saturday night and I just got paid
Fool without my money, don't try to save
My heart says Go! Go! Have a time
'Cause it's Saturday night and I feel fine

          Bb                F
I'm gonna rock it up, gonna rip it up
      Bb                 F
Gonna shake it up, gonna bomb it up
      C                     F
Gonna rock it up and ball tonight

Verse 2:
I've got me a date and I won't be late
Pick her up in my 88
Trek on down to the social hall
When the joint starts jumpin', gonna have me a ball


Verse 3:
Along about 10 I'm flyin' high
I walk on out into the sky
But I don't care if I spend my dough
'Cause tonight I'm gonna be one happy soul


F / / / 2 / / / 3 / / / 4 / / /
Bb / / / 2 / / / F / / / 2 / / /
C / / / 2 / / / F / / / 2 / /

(repeat verse 1)

(repeat chorus)

(repeat verse 3)

(repeat chorus)
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