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There's a First Time For Everything

 by Little Texas

(intro)  C    G     F     G
     N/C = NO CHORD

(Verse 1)


 I don't stay out all night,


 I don't close down the bars.

   F                         C

 I don't make a fool of my self.


 I don't drink to much,


 I don't get to loud,

       F                       G

 No I don't ever raise to much hell,


 N/C                             F

 But there's a first time for everything.


 Since you said goodbye.


 There's not much of anything,


 That I haven't tried,



 To somehow get over you,

                         C  G       F

 There's no telling what I, might, do,

                    G      F

 Cause if I learned anything,

           G              C

 There's a first time for everything.


 (Verse 2) same chords as verse 1

  I don't call up old flames.

  I don't have a black book,

  I don't spend my time in the past.

  I don't wake up with strangers,

  Cause I don't sleep around,

  No I don't believe in love that won't last.




  G     F

  yeh, yeh.

               G      F              G           N/C C
  If I learned anything, there's a first time for everything.

  (outro) G F G C
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